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District III 8-10 Tournament Bracket

2023 8-10 District III
Baseball All Stars

St. Albans Little League will be hosting the 8-10 year old baseball All Star Tournament. There will be a 4-game round robin to seed teams. The top 6 teams will then advance to a single elimination bracket round to determine the tournament champion.  Please click the links below for Park Rules and Field Locations. 

We will do our best to post the results of the tournament games within 24-hours. 

Congratulations to Essex Town for winning the 2023 8-9-10 District III Championship!


 TeamGPRecordRuns ScoredRuns AllowedDefensive Innings PlayedRuns Allowed Ratio
Essex Town44-0397210.33
Browns River**43-13213220.59
Essex Jct.43-13618210.86

- In the event teams ended up with the same record, tiebreakers will be as follows:
- In the event there are multiple teams tied with the same record, begin the tie-breaking process until one team wins a scenario.  That team is then awarded the highest seed.  Then, go back to Step 1 for the remaining teams and repeat the tie breaking process.

*Northeast wins tiebreaker over Browns River and Essex Jct., with no head-to-head games and record against common opponents being identical (all 3 teams only loss was to Essex Town).  Lowest runs allowed ratio goes to Northeast with 0.57.
**Browns River wins tiebreaker over Essex Jct., with no head-to-head game and record against common opponent being identical (only loss for both teams was to Essex Town).  Lowest runs allowed ratio goes to Browns River with 0.59.
***Milton wins tiebreaker over Northwest, with no head-to-head game, same record against common opponent, but having a lower runs allowed ratio with 1.95.

1.      Head-to-head

2.      Record against common opponents

3.      Lowest runs allowed ratio (total pool play runs allowed divided by total pool play defensive innings)

4.      Lowest runs allowed ratio in games among common opponents (runs allowed divided by total pool play defensive innings)

5.      Coin Flip


 Date/Time/FieldTeam ATeam B
23JUN/6pm/Rotary   F/5 inningsEssex Jct.  13Northwest  3
23JUN/6pm/Minors  F/6 inningsChamplain  1Northeast  5
24JUN/10am/Rotary F/5 inningsMilton  2Browns River 12
26JUN/6pm/Rotary  F/5 inningsEssex Town 10Essex Jct.  0
27JUN/6pm/Rotary F/6 inningsChamplain 16Northwest 3
28JUN/6pm/Rotary F/6 inningsNortheast 7Milton  0
30JUN/6pm/Rotary F/6 inningsBrowns River 2Essex Town 7
30JUN/6pm/Minors F/5 inningsEssex Jct.  14Champlain 3
01JUL/10am/Rotary F/3 inningsNorthwest 2Northeast  17
03JUL/6pm/Rotary F/4 inningsMilton 2Essex Town 13
03JUL/6pm/Minors F/6 inningsChamplain 3Browns River 4
07JUL/6pm/Rotary F/6 inningsEssex Jct 9Milton 2
08JUL/10am/Rotary F/6 inningsNortheast 3Essex Town 9
08JUL/10am/Minors F/6 inningsBrowns River 14Northwest 1

Tue 7/11 6pm F/4 innings Rotary #3 Browns River 12 vs #6 Milton 2 Game 1
6pm  F/6 innings AAA #4 Essex Jct. 4      vs #5 Champlain 10 Game 2
Thu 7/13 6pm F/6 innings Rotary #5 Champlain 5   vs #1 Essex Town 14 Game 3
6pm F/6 innings AAA #3 Browns River 2    vs #2 Northeast 3 Game 4
Sat 7/15 10am F/4 innings Rotary #1 Essex Town  14  vs #2 Northeast 1 Game 5

-Seeding based on modified pool play records

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